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Microsoft AI can identify security bugs with almost flawless accuracy

Microsoft’s machine learning model can tell the difference between security and non-security software bugs with 99 percent precision. It can also identify critical, high-priority security bugs 97 percent of the time. Microsoft set out to build a machine learning model to support software engineers and bug hunters, who were frequently overburdened. The firm trained its machine learning model on a data set of 13 million work items and bugs identified by its 47,000 developers. The tech giant has pledged to open-source the methodology to GitHub later this year.

Facebook Dark Web Deal: Hackers Just Sold 267 Million User Profiles For $540

The research team at Cyble have reported a “threat actornhas dropped an online bomb by dropping the identities of 267 Million Facebook users.” The price for this data – just $540. Thankfully no passwords were available, but the data included email addresses, names, Facebook IDs, dates of birth and phone numbers. All of which is a perfect set of data with which to craft a text or email phishing campaign on behalf of Facebook. This data is likely from a past breach and does not suggest current weaknesses with Facebook’s systems.


Building EKG jackets for zebrafish to study heart attacks

A bioengineer is developing an imaging technique and a special electrocardiogram (EKG) for zebrafish to determine why they are able to regenerate their heart tissue after cardiac arrest. Every 40 seconds, someone in the U.S. has a heart attack. While not always fatal, the damage to heart tissue is irreversible. Zebrafish, on the other hand, are able to regenerate their heart tissue and return their hearts to a nearly normal state. “In zebrafish, the scars heal much faster and more completely than other animals, so we’re trying to find out why and how.”

Screen Time for Babies Linked to Higher Risk of Autism-Like Symptoms Later in Childhood

Sitting a baby in front of a tablet or television, as well as less parent-child play time, are associated with developing greater autism spectrum disorder (ASD)-like symptoms later in childhood. Controlling for gender, race, maternal age, and prematurity, the team found that viewing screens at 12 months of age was associated with four percent greater ASD-like symptoms. Daily play time with a parent compared to less than daily play time was associated with nine percent less ASD-like symptoms.


Netflix has biggest quarter ever for new subscribers, stock rockets higher

Netflix Inc. shares zoomed when the streaming pioneer revealed that it added more than double the new subscribers it expected amid the spread of COVID-19. Netflix reported the addition of 15.77 million paid subscribers globally in the first quarter. Netflix’s biggest quarter for paid net additions to its subscriber total previously was 9.6 million. Netflix has been able to fend off competition from some of the world’s biggest media companies: Apple TV+, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video and CBS All Access.

Apple expands services business to markets in Africa and beyond

Apple Inc has said said it would expand its App Store, Apple Music and other services to dozens of new markets in the biggest geographical expansion of its services in almost a decade. Apple will expand the App Store to 20 countries, eight of them in Africa, and will offer its streaming Apple Music service in 52 additional countries and regions. Apple has focused on growing sales from its services segment, which totaled 17.8% of its $260.1 billion in revenue in its most recent fiscal year, as consumers have slowed in upgrading their smart phones.


Mexican president tells gangs to stop donating food, end crime instead

Mexico’s president chastised drug gangs, telling them to end violence instead of distributing food, after several reports across the country showed armed narcos handing out care packages stamped with cartel logos. Criminals to behave better, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador declared that the care packages filled with basic foodstuffs and cleaning supplies are not helpful. Daughter of jailed drug “El Chapo” Guzman was spotted handing out the packages stamped with her own company’s “El Chapo 701” logo, including the image of her infamous father.

Taxi driver takes stranded student from Spain to Italy free of charge

An Italian student stranded in Spain due to the coronavirus crisis has been driven more than 1,500 kilometres home, free of charge by a taxi driver. She managed to purchase a plane ticket but found herself navigating more restrictions at the airport of the Spanish capital Madrid, where a flight attendant informed her she wasn’t permitted to board. “It’s something I will never forget, I was a complete stranger to this young man,” she said, adding that in total — with all the trips he made — Amantegi drove more than 3,000 kilometers for her.

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