Apple AR Glasses 👓, self healing rubber ♻️ and PayPal QR code payments 💰!

Technology News

Apple Glasses leak gives us a new name, price and moving-target launch date

Apple AR glasses are one of those tech products that we’ve been hearing rumours about for years, but now we’ve had the biggest leak yet, one that may have revealed almost everything about them. The Apple AR glasses will simply be called Apple Glass, and they will retail for $499 (roughly £410), according to Jon Prosser (a reputable leaker). That’s just for the frames though, so if you need prescription lenses you’ll need to pay extra for that. There’s apparently a LiDAR (light detection and ranging) scanner on the right edge, but no conventional cameras. Prosser claims it won’t hit stores until at least the final quarter of 2021, and maybe not until early 2022.

Sony Semiconductor Solutions and Microsoft partner to create smart camera solutions for enterprise customers

Sony and Microsoft announced they are partnering to create solutions that make AI-powered smart cameras and video analytics easier to access and deploy for their mutual customers. Sony will also create a smart camera managed app powered by Azure IoT and Cognitive Services that complements the IMX500 sensor and expands the range and capability of video analytics opportunities for enterprise customers. “By linking Sony’s innovative imaging and sensing technology with Microsoft’s excellent cloud AI services, we will deliver a powerful and convenient platform to the smart camera market.”

Science News

New recyclable rubber material repairs itself on demand

The new material is made up of more than 50 percent sulphur, mixed with some canola cooking oil and a chemical compound called dicyclopentadiene (DCPD). This unusual concoction makes for a versatile and sustainable new form of rubber. The material is a “latent adhesive” – basically, glue waiting for its cue. The missing ingredient is an amine catalyst, and once that’s applied the rubber becomes sticky again, allowing it to bond with itself. Bonding can be done at room temperature, and takes just minutes. As an added bonus, the three main ingredients used to make the stuff in the first place are all industrial waste products.

A fidget spinner-like device for speedy detection of UTIs in urine

A team of researchers have developed a fidget-spinner-like device that is able to detect UTIs in urine samples. Because of such delays in detection, doctors very often prescribe antibiotics before a confirmation from a lab. Researchers have created a device that can be used to diagnose UTIs in just 45 minutes—and it can be done at home without assistance from medical professionals. The spinning motion forces the urine though a thin membrane, leaving any bacteria behind on the inside. If bacteria accumulate on the membrane, it will interact with a dye, revealing its presence.

Business News

PayPal rolls out QR Code payments to 28 markets worldwide

PayPal has launched payment by QR codes in the UK and 27 other markets around the world, providing a touch-free way for businesses to receive payments and for consumers to make purchases during Covid-19. From local takeaway coffee shops to selling second-hand goods – the rollout of the QR code functionality in the PayPal app allows customers to buy or sell in in-person, without the need to exchange cash or key in PIN codes. “The rollout of QR codes for buyers and sellers not only incorporates the safety, security and convenience of using PayPal in-person, but also takes into consideration ongoing social distancing requirements.”

Walmart sales surge at stores and online on coronavirus-led demand

Walmart Inc emerged among the winners of the coronavirus lockdowns, beating Wall Street’s quarterly revenue and profit forecasts and setting an online sales record as millions of consumers stocked up on food and cleaning supplies. Shares in the world’s top brick-and-mortar retailer rose are up about 7% so far this year, outpacing Wall Street’s blue chip index .DJI, which is down nearly 14% for the year. The retailer said that though demand for toilet paper, surface cleaners and groceries tapered off after initial hoarding, government relief payments helped boost sales in the second half of April.

Miscellaneous News

Air pollution is already spiking in China with the virus lockdown lifted

Air pollution in China has already bounced back from astounding lows during the country’s coronavirus shutdown to monthly levels exceeding those recorded during the same period last year. While the organization said the return of some pollution was expected, “what’s not obvious is whether air pollution will overshoot pre-crisis levels, especially when many economic sectors are still reeling. Such an overshoot would signify a ‘dirty’ recovery in which the more highly polluting sectors are leading.”

A pizzeria owner made money buying his own $24 pizzas from DoorDash for $16

“A pizza that he charged $24 for was listed as $16 by Doordash…If someone could pay Doordash $16 a pizza, and Doordash would pay his restaurant $24 a pizza, then he should clearly just order pizzas himself via Doordash, all day long. You’d net a clean $8 profit per pizza.” They order 10 pizzas this way, and it worked! The money was free, a seamless transfer from SoftBank’s deep venture capital-lined pockets to Roy’s friend’s business bank account. In a series of “trades,” they just ordered pizza dough through DoorDash for $75 in pure profit.

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