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Technology News

Apple Rumored to Be Working on an ARM-Based Console Most Likely Featuring Its Own A-Series Silicon

Apple could have gained inspiration from its upcoming 2020 Apple TV powered by its A12X Bionic SoC because according to a tipster, the technology giant might be working on its own ARM-based console. Looking at how powerful and compact Apple TV 6 with an A12X Bionic will be thanks to a dedicated cooling solution, it’s more than possible Apple employs the same design when testing out the console. The company is also said to be working on a specialized gaming controller for the Apple TV and it could be made not just to convince existing users get more comfortable with its Apple Arcade service but to form stepping stones for a gaming console.

This virtual reality motion simulator could be used to train military pilots

Nova is an “untethered VR motion simulator,” making virtual reality games and training programs feel more real by rotating in any direction. The VR motion simulator, NOVA, can turn 180 degrees in any direction in only one second, combining visual, audio, and physical elements to make the experience as realistic as possible. Eight360 says that this scary-looking contraption makes motion sickness less of a problem, because it matches up what the user is seeing to what they’re feeling. Eight360 is promoting the device as a way for racecar drivers to put in extra practice time off the track, or to practice esports, and for military training for pilots.

Science News

Study pinpoints brain cells that trigger sugar cravings and consumption

The hormone fibroblast growth factor 21 (FGF21) is known to play a role in energy balance, body weight control and insulin sensitivity. Researchers were able to precisely identify which cells express the receptor for FGF21. The study shows that FGF21 targets glutamatergic neurons in the brain to lower sugar intake and sweet taste preference. The researchers also showed that FGF21’s action on specific neurons in the ventromedial hypothalamus reduce sugar intake by enhancing the neurons’ sensitivity to glucose. The new findings could lead to new drugs which might help to control how much sugar a person eats.

Brain Benefits of Exercise Can Be Gained with a Single Protein

According to a new study, after mice exercise, their livers secrete a protein called Gpld1 into the blood. Levels of this protein in the blood correspond to improved cognitive function in aged mice. The enzyme is also elevated in the blood of elderly humans who exercise regularly. The researchers showed that simply increasing the amount of Gpld1 produced by the mouse liver could confer many of the same brain benefits as regular exercise. The findings could lead to new therapies to confer the neuroprotective effects of physical activity on people who are unable to exercise due to physical limitations.

Business News

Canada Goose CEO says experiential store offers a ‘break from the insanity of the world today’

Canada Goose’s CEO said the retailer’s recently opened experiential store in Canada is “almost built for this environment,” as consumers brave enough to venture outside are looking for things to do during the pandemic. This particular store, the first of its kind for the company, has no inventory for shoppers to take home. Instead, the coatmaker wants consumers to have a multisensory experience to feel why the outerwear is worth the price tag, which can top $1,000. It calls it “The Journey.” And the shop is built with a cold room showcasing Canada Goose’s gear — with one room spitting out snow.

Elon Musk’s net worth zooms past Warren Buffett’s

Elon Musk’s net worth soared past Warren Buffett as the chief executive officer of Tesla became the seventh richest person in the world, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. Musk’s fortune rose by $6.07 billion following a 10.8% jump in the electric carmaker’s stock. Buffett’s net worth dropped when he donated $2.9 billion in Berkshire Hathaway stock to charity. Tesla’s shares have surged 500% over the past year as the company increased sales of its Model 3 sedan. The blistering rally also puts Musk in reach of a payday potentially worth $1.8 billion, his second jackpot from the electric car maker in about two months.

Miscellaneous News

New York’s hungry rats torment alfresco diners after lockdown famine

New York City is starting to tentatively emerge from the ravages of the coronavirus pandemic but a revival in outdoor restaurant dining is facing a new hazard – a plague of rats. Diners are facing a surge in rat activity following a lockdown period where the rodents were cut off from key food sources, forcing rats to battle for snacks and even eat each other. “Last night, a customer had a baby rat running on his shoe, and I let you just imagine his reaction.” Business owners have called on the city to do more to reduce rat populations.

Valentina Sampaio Is the First Transgender Model for Sports Illustrated

Valentina Sampaio made history becoming the first transgender woman to be featured in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. Last year, she became Victoria Secret’s first transgender model and was hired for catalog work for VS Pink, the company’s athletic line. In 2017, Ms. Sampaio was also the first transgender model to grace the cover of a Vogue edition. Her inclusion in this year’s swimsuit issue comes amid a push for transgender visibility, acceptance and rights. “What unites us as humans is that we all share the common desire to be accepted and loved for who we are.”

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