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Technology News

You can now try on makeup from your home with the power of AR

Google’s new shopping feature will let people virtually try on makeup. Only lipstick and eyeshadow are part of the feature. It is also limited to a few brands, such as L’Oreal, MAC Cosmetics, Black Opal, and Charlotte Tilbury. To change the shade, you use a list at the bottom; to change the model, you use the list at the top. Models with a pretty wide range of skin tones to make it easier to find someone who matches you. If you want to see what it would look like on you, there’s be a “Try it on” button. Clicking that will launch the camera, and then digitally apply the makeup. As with the models, you can change shades.

A New Satellite Can Peer Inside Buildings, Day or Night

Capella has launched a platform allowing governmental or private customers to request images of anything in the world. Capella can peer right through cloud cover, and see just as well in the daylight as in total darkness. That’s because instead of optical imaging, it uses synthetic aperture radar, or SAR. The satellite beams down a powerful 9.65 GHz radio signal toward its target, and then collects and interprets the signal as it bounces back up into orbit. Each pixel in one of the satellite’s images represents a 50-centimeter-by-50-centimeter square, while other SAR satellites on the market can only get down to around five meters.

Science News

Lonely people have a unique brain signature, perhaps due to so much imagined social contact

The study found that the key differences involved the brain’s “default network.” This network is responsible for a wide range of mental processes that take place when the brain is at rest. These processes are often referred to as the “inner voice”, or the “self.” The researchers discovered, unexpectedly, that volumes in several of these default network regions were larger in lonely people. They also found equally unexpected patterns of positive associations between some of these regions. “In the absence of desired social experiences, lonely individuals may be biased towards internally directed cognitions,” as if “to fill the social void.”

New type of atomic clock keeps time even more precisely

Researchers have built an atomic clock that measures not a cloud of randomly oscillating atoms, but instead atoms that have been quantumly entangled. The atoms are correlated in a way that is impossible according to the laws of classical physics, and that allows the scientists to measure the atoms’ vibrations more accurately. “As the universe ages, does the speed of light change? Does the charge of the electron change?” That’s what you can probe with more precise atomic clocks.” If state-of-the-art atomic clocks were adapted to measure entangled atoms, over the entire age of the universe, the clocks would be less than 100 milliseconds off.

Business News

Walmart partners with TikTok to sell merchandise while livestreaming

Walmart said it would partner with the Chinese-owned video-sharing app to sell items seen on a livestream by creators featuring the retailer’s fashion merchandise. Viewers on TikTok can shop for fashion items featured in content from popular creators without having to leave the platform. The livestream will feature national brands like Champion, Jordache, Kendall + Kylie and some private brands including Free Assembly, Scoop and Sofia Jeans. The world’s largest retailer’s planned investment in TikTok will help it engage with younger audience and supercharge its battle against Amazon in e-commerce and online advertising.

Bitcoin tops $20,000 milestone and continues to surge to record highs

Bitcoin has blown past the $20,000 mark and continued to surge to $23,000. Bitcoin has tripled in value this year as cryptocurrencies continue to attract investors as the US dollar has weakened. “These are just the early days, and we think there’s a lot more runway to go.” With the Federal Reserve expected to leave interest rates near zero for several more years, bitcoin may continue to win new fans. Well-known names are adding to bitcoin’s mainstream appeal. A top executive at BlackRock has even said the cryptocurrency can replace gold, and payments giants Square and PayPal have both embraced bitcoin.

Miscellaneous News

Wearing someone else’s face: Hyper-realistic masks to go on sale in Japan

A Japanese retailer has come up with a new take on the theme of facial camouflage – a hyper-realistic mask that models a stranger’s features in three dimensions. Okawara chose his model from more than 100 applicants who sent him their photos. An artisan then reworked the winning image, created on a 3D printer. The masks will go on sale early next year for 98,000 yen ($950) apiece at his Tokyo shop, whose products are popular as accessories for parties and theatrical performance. He plans to gradually add new faces, including some from overseas, to the lineup.

Construction of world’s largest renewable energy park begins, India

Narendra Modi, India’s Prime Minister officially inaugurated the construction of the mega-park that will be the world’s largest renewable energy park. The Hybrid Renewable Energy Park in the district of Kutch in Gujarat will produce 30 GW of renewable energy and will contribute the largest amount of energy to the country’s grid. The park will be constructed on 72,600 hectares of land, the size of Singapore. It will have a dedicated hybrid park zone for wind and solar energy storage and an exclusive zone for wind power generation.

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