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Technology News

Bosch’s motorcycle crash detection automatically alerts emergency services

Bosch has launched a new emergency call system called Help Connect, which can automatically call for assistance when it detects accidents. Unlike similar emergency services, Help Connect is meant for motorcycles. Help Connect relies on the inertial sensor unit that’s part of the Bosch MSC motorcycle stability control. That sensor measures a motorcycle’s acceleration and angular velocity a hundred times a second, giving Help Connect information about the vehicle’s current position and angle of lean. The service also relies on the sensor’s integrated crash algorithm to determine whether a motorcycle truly got into an accident or whether it just fell over, for instance.

Robotic Third Arm Can Smash Through Walls

Researchers have developed a waist-mounted remote controlled hydraulic arm that can help you with all kinds of tasks while also being able, should you feel the need, to smash through walls. This type of wearable robotic arm is known as a supernumerary robotic arm with the goal of “mimicking the performance of a human arm in a multitude of industrial and domestic applications.” The researchers suggest that adding some sensors could allow the arm to do things like pick vegetables as well as do more collaborative tasks, like providing tool assistance in order to free up the user to do stuff that requires creativity or judgement.

Science News

University of Utah researchers develop fast-acting insulin based on sea snail venom

Researchers say they have developed a fast-acting insulin based on sea snail venom that could improve the lives of those with Type 1 diabetes. Researchers worked to discover how the venom of predatory cone snails quickly paralyses their deep-sea victims by causing their blood glucose levels to drop rapidly. The venom the snails release is a form of insulin that was discovered to have many of the same traits as human insulin. Researchers combined properties of the snail insulin with human insulin to create a synthetic version. When tested on rats and mice, the hybrid insulin had the same potency as human insulin but acted a lot faster to lower blood sugar levels.

New study sheds light on how and why being hard-to-get can make you seem more desirable

It was found that participants who interacted with potential partners whose online profile indicated that they were selective in choosing mates (and thus more difficult to attract) perceived them to be more valued and thus more desirable as partners, compared to participants who interacted with less selective partners (and thus easier to attract). We found that interacting with prospective partners who were perceived as hard to get not only enhanced these partners’ mate value and desirability, but was also translated into investment of concrete efforts to see them in the future.

Business News

New Apple Card instalment plans could make buying Apple gadgets easier

Apple already offers an instalment payment plan for the iPhone, but it could extend similar plans to all kinds of other Apple hardware in the near future – as long as you make your purchases through the Apple Card. The plans would be interest-free, giving you more time to pay off your latest Apple gadget purchases without added interest repayments. The plan is to give customers 12 months to pay on more expensive items like Macs and iPads, while cheaper gadgets would be paid off over six months. Not only would it give people more flexibility when it comes to buying Apple hardware, it would also be likely to generate more interest in the Apple Card.

AstraZeneca Approaches Gilead About Potential Merger

AstraZeneca Plc has made a preliminary approach to rival drugmaker Gilead Sciences Inc. about a potential merger, according to people familiar with the matter, in what would be the biggest health-care deal on record. AstraZeneca, valued at $140 billion, is the U.K.’s biggest drugmaker by market capitalization and has developed treatments for conditions from cancer to cardiovascular disease. Gilead, worth $96 billion, is the creator of a drug that’s received U.S. approval for use with coronavirus patients. If a deal goes ahead, it would also rank among the 10 biggest M&A transactions of all time.

Miscellaneous News

Prince William reveals he is secret helpline volunteer

The Duke of Cambridge has revealed he has been anonymously volunteering on a crisis helpline during lockdown. He has been volunteering at Shout 85258, which offers support via text message to people in personal crisis. Prince William said he had been answering messages after being trained by the mental health charity. Those texting the round-the-clock service would not know they are talking to a member of the Royal Family – like Shout’s 2,000 volunteers, William would use a pseudonym on the platform.

Looney Tunes character Elmer Fudd banned from using gun in new series

Looney Tunes characters, including Elmer Fudd, have been banned from holding guns. In Looney Tunes shows of old, the hapless Fudd was a big-game hunter usually armed with a shotgun. However, in response to gun violence in the US, animators working on the new series have ensured that Fudd be more “creative” in his attempts to catch Bugs Bunny. The new series, commissioned by Warner Bros, will stay true to the spirit of the original series by placing focus on “cartoony violence” and will still include “TNT” and “the Acme stuff”.

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