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Technology News

LG made an air purifier for your face

LG has decided that you should strap an electronic air purifier onto your face to scrub your inhalations clean before they reach your lungs. The PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier has a pair of three-speed fans and a pair of HEPA-style filters. Simply breathe as normal, and inside a built-in “respiratory sensor” will detect how fast you breathe, as well as its volume, to adjust the fan speed. The mask has a storage case filled with ultraviolet LED lights that’ll purify the surface while it’s recharging. It’ll also connect to your smartphone, telling you when the filters need replacing, and LG says that every component is replaceable, and recyclable.

Amazon unveils Halo to battle Apple Watch and Fitbit — tracks activity, body fat, emotions

The company has introduced a wristband for health and fitness tracking called Halo, alongside a subscription service and smartphone app. Amazon’s Halo comes with features that have never been seen in a mainstream wearable device, including one that tracks a user’s emotional state by listening to the tone of their voice, and another that provides a three-dimensional rendering of their body with an estimated body fat percentage. It also provides a unique “points” tracking system that could be more effective than competitors in encouraging exercise. In the morning, users will see a sleep score out of 100 and a report showing their baseline sleep temperature.

Science News

Scientists build army of 1 million microrobots that can fit inside a hypodermic needle

A team of roboticists detail the creation of their invisible army of robots, which are less than 0.1mm in size and cannot be seen with the naked eye. Controlling movement in these tiny machines requires the researchers to shine a laser on minuscule light-sensitive circuits on their backs, which propels their four legs forward. They’ve been designed to operate in all manner of environments such as extreme acidity and temperatures. The machines aren’t intelligent enough to target a diseased cell or respond to stimuli however researchers say “their capabilities can rapidly evolve” and suggest that future production costs could be “less than a penny per robot.”

Fear of Missing Out impacts people of all ages

Aspects of self-perception—namely loneliness, low self-esteem and low self-compassion—were closely associated with the social anxiety that other people are having fun without you. The researchers found that social media use was not a good predictor of FoMO. For instance, two people with the same social media engagement may be affected quite differently: one might have few negative feelings about seeing their friends’ activities while the other might find it upsetting. While FoMO can have negative impacts, it did not appear to relate to the respondents’ sense of life satisfaction. This indicates that FoMO is not an overwhelming social anxiety.

Business News

Amazon’s latest grocery store concept opens, with high-tech carts

Amazon is opening a supermarket in Los Angeles with shopping carts that let customers skip checkout lines, as the e-commerce company builds out its offline presence. The market is called the Amazon Fresh grocery store. It is the first location to let customers in – by invitation only – out of seven that Amazon has confirmed for Southern California and greater Chicago. The store will be the first with the “Amazon Dash Cart.” This lets shoppers filling up to two grocery bags forgo the store’s cashiers via technology systems that discern what they put in the cart and bill a credit card on file once customers leave through a designated lane.

Rolls-Royce reports record loss as travel slumps

The firm announced a pre-tax loss of £5.4bn for the first half of this year. It confirmed the closure of factories in Nottinghamshire and Lancashire, as part of plans to cut 3,000 jobs across the UK. The move is part of a previously announced cost-cutting exercise that will see the company slash its global workforce by a fifth, following the drastic fall in air travel because of the coronavirus outbreak. Rolls-Royce is in the middle of its biggest restructuring in its history, which will reduce the number of sites it has worldwide from 11 to six. Rolls-Royce said it intended to sell its Spanish unit ITP Aero and other assets to raise at least £2bn.

Miscellaneous News

Dengue breakthrough after mosquitoes laced with natural bacteria

Research conducted in Indonesia, where dengue is endemic, found that releasing mosquitoes infected with the bacteria Wolbachia into parts of Yogyakarta city reduced the number of dengue infections by 77% compared with untreated areas. During the study, buckets of mosquito eggs infected with Wolbachia were gradually distributed to homes in the city over a period of around six months. The infected mosquitoes did not behave differently, nor did their population fall, but their capacity to transmit the virus that causes dengue was vastly reduced.

A third of world’s children missed remote learning

The U.N. children’s agency says at least a third of children couldn’t access remote learning when the COVID-19 pandemic closed schools, creating “a global education emergency.” At the height of lockdowns meant to curb the pandemic, nearly 1.5 billion children were affected by school closures, UNICEF said. “For at least 463 million children whose schools closed due to COVID-19, there was no such a thing as remote learning.” The highest number of children affection by region were in South Asia, at least 147 million.

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