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Technology News

Balenciaga Will Reveal Next Collection Via Video Game

On Dec. 6, Balenciaga is to unveil “Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow,” which it’s billing as a “record-breaking video game” set in the year 2031 and featuring Demna Gvasalia’s main collection for fall 2021. The “allegorical adventure” features environments and characters using cutting-edge photogrammetry and the most advanced technology for game hosting. Balenciaga’s pre-collection sprang partly from imagining what fashion might be like in 2030 in a conceptual way, and the idea carries over into what’s displayed in the video game. “A theme of Balenciaga fall 2021 is human destiny, as seen by an interactive, gamified journey.”

BioNTech, InstaDeep plan joint lab for AI research

The AI Innovation Lab will focus on drug discovery and design, protein engineering, manufacturing and supply chain. The duo will apply InstaDeep’s protein design platform DeepChain, to engineer new mRNA sequences and collaborate on sifting through anonymised patient data to identify new drug targets and biomarkers. They will also use AI and machine learning to find ways to make manufacturing and supply chain processes more efficient, tapping into technologies like robotics and autonomous decision-making algorithms. “This collaboration will expand our digital capabilities and optimise our operations across the value chain.”

Science News

Brain study shows why sports create especially powerful memories

Scientists found that surprise plays a key role in defining memories of a sporting event. The team discovered very dramatic games punctuated with surprise tap into a process in the brain that allows us to forge powerful memories. When we see a player upend our expectations of how a game should go – say, by bombing a free throw or getting an unexpected steal – the brain registers this moment as surprise. That surprise interrupts the narrative flow of the game in our memories and creates something akin to a new paragraph. The scientists write that the “longest lasting memories are formed precisely in those moments when beliefs substantially shift.”

A growth mindset of interest can spark innovative thinking

Researchers have showed that those with a growth mindset were more open to areas outside of their core, pre-existing interests than were those with a fixed mindset. The study found that a growth mindset of interest can increase people’s tendency and ability to generate ideas that bridge their well-established area of interest (say, in the arts) with one outside of it (like the sciences). “When organisations hire people with a growth mindset, or promote it among their employees, those employees may be more likely to devise innovative ideas that bridge multiple areas of knowledge to achieve better solutions.”

Business News

Foxconn to shift some Apple production to Vietnam to minimise China risk

Foxconn is moving some iPad and MacBook assembly to Vietnam from China at the request of Apple. The development comes as the outgoing administration of U.S. President Donald Trump encourages U.S. firms to shift production out of China. The United States has targeted made-in-China electronics for higher import tariffs, and restricted supplies of components produced using U.S. technology to Chinese firms it deems a national security risk. Foxconn announced a $270 million investment to set up a new subsidiary called FuKang Technology Co Ltd – a move aimed at supporting the Vietnam expansion.

Disney increases number of planned layoffs to 32,000 employees

Walt Disney Co. is planning to shed 32,000 employees by the end of March as the coronavirus pandemic continues to hammer its parks and resorts business. The media and entertainment giant warned that it may also be forced to scrap its dividend in the future, and reduce or not make contributions to pension and retirement medical plans. It said it could slash investment in television and film productions, and furlough or terminate even more employees. The company has also been forced to suspend cruise ship sailings and delay major film releases, such as “Black Widow,” which was expected to be one of the year’s biggest blockbusters.

Miscellaneous News

Thailand’s ‘largest ketamine bust’ turns out to be cleaning agent

Thailand’s claim to have seized almost $1bn worth of the drug ketamine has turned out to be a “misunderstanding”, its justice minister has said. Instead, lab tests found the substance was trisodium phosphate – a compound commonly used as a cleaning agent. He explained that the mix up had occurred because preliminary tests, which turn purple in the presence of ketamine hydrochloride, react the same to trisodium phosphate. But when tested again later in a proper laboratory, at least 66 sacks were confirmed to be the cleaning agent.

Funding deal for world’s biggest offshore wind farm

A historic financing deal has been signed off to build the world’s biggest offshore wind farm on Dogger Bank in the North Sea. The deal was secured by joint venture backers SSE Renewables and Equinor. The project has already created hundreds of UK jobs, with more to come as project construction ramps up. Once finished, Dogger Bank will produce enough electricity to supply 5% of the UK’s demand, equivalent to powering six million UK homes. “We are putting our money where our mouth is on delivering net zero and reinforcing the UK’s position as a world leader.”

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