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Technology News

Novel Ultrafast Battery Based on Graphene Charges in 15 Seconds

Named the SuperBattery, the groundbreaking power source will revolutionize the world of electric vehicles, which has been suffering from slow charging, battery degradation, and range anxiety. Not only can the SuperBattery charge at lightning-fast speeds, it also has charging cycles that count in hundreds of thousands. What makes the battery stand out is that it’s made up of Curved Graphene carbon material. This enables strong power and long-lasting ultracapacitors to be linked with graphene batteries. The super fast recharger is already garnering attention and the collaborators have confirmed a €1 billion contract with a well-known automotive company.

Facebook reinvents Facebook with the launch of Campus for college students

Facebook is getting back to its roots with the launch of Campus, a section of the main app specifically designed for college students. Campus is designed to be a place where students can interact only with peers at their school; they can access a Campus-only News Feed and join Groups, events, and group chat rooms, called Campus Chats. In a nod to the original Facebook, they’ll even have access to a “Campus directory” where they can find and friend other students. Students already form Groups for their classes, dorms, and interests, so Facebook is streamlining the process and taking more control over how students find each other.

Science News

Study Suggests Unconscious Learning Underlies Belief in God

Individuals who can unconsciously predict complex patterns, an ability called implicit pattern learning, are likely to hold stronger beliefs that there is a god. In the study, participants began to subconsciously learn patterns hidden in a well-established cognitive test to measure implicit pattern learning. However, even the best implicit learners did not know that the test formed patterns, showing that the learning was happening at an unconscious level. “Our hypothesis is that people whose brains are good at subconsciously discerning patterns in their environment may ascribe those patterns to the hand of a higher power.”

People Who Experienced Parental Divorce as Children Have Lower ‘Love Hormone’ Levels than Those Who Did Not

People who were children when their parents were divorced showed lower levels of oxytocin – the so-called “love hormone” – when they were adults than those whose parents remained married. That lower level may play a role in having trouble forming attachments when they are grown. Further analysis showed that those individuals rated their parents as less caring and more indifferent. Those who experienced parental divorce during childhood were less confident, more uncomfortable with closeness and less secure in relationships. They rated their own caregiving style as less sensitive and close than did the participants whose parents had not divorced.

Business News

Spain aims to tax services like Whatsapp based on revenue

Spain is proposing to tax companies providing calls and instant messaging services, such as Whatsapp, based on their revenue. Levies would be imposed on instant messaging providers in the same way as it is on telecoms operators, under a new draft law. Companies that turn over more than 1 million euros ($1.2 million) a year will be subject to the tax which will not be allowed to exceed one euro per every thousand euros of gross revenue. Spain is among European proponents of more stringent tax regimes for big internet companies. “The way we consume communications services has changed, and competitive conditions have changed as a result.”

Citi CEO Michael Corbat to retire next year, Jane Fraser to become first woman CEO of a US megabank

Citigroup CEO Michael Corbat is retiring in February after eight years leading the bank, and that retail banking chief Jane Fraser will succeed him, making her the first female CEO of a major U.S. bank. Citigroup’s board has the most women on it of the six biggest banks, approaching 50% representation. Fraser was a McKinsey partner when she joined Citigroup in 2004 and is currently the President of Citi and the CEO of Global Consumer Banking where her global responsibilities include all Consumer businesses in 19 countries. The bank said it will name a new global consumer banking head in coming weeks.

Miscellaneous News

Up to 48 species saved from extinction by conservation efforts, study finds

The Iberian lynx, California condor and pygmy hog are among animals that would have disappeared without reintroduction programmes, zoo-based conservation and formal legal protections since 1993. Since then, 15 bird and mammal species have become extinct or are strongly suspected to have disappeared. But researchers say that between 28 and 48 bird and mammal species were saved by conservation efforts. The study estimates that extinction rates for birds and mammals would have been three to four times higher over that period.

Bihar Man Carves Out 3-km-long Canal In 30 Years To Irrigate Parched Fields

A man from Bihar’s Kothilawa village of Gaya dug out a canal 3-kilometre long canal single-handedly. It took nearly 30 years to carve this canal single-handedly. He dug out the canal after he noticed that during the rainy season, water falling from the mountains would flow into the river. He planned to save the water coming from the mountain by taking the initiative alone and carving out the canal. This canal will direct rainwater from the hills nearby to the fields within his village. This will help in irrigating the farms and will be beneficial for the entire village.

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