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Technology News

The world’s first hydrogen-powered double decker bus arrives in Aberdeen

The arrival of the first of the zero emission buses underlines the city’s role as the energy capital of Europe and shows its commitment to the transition of green energy from oil and gas as part of the Net Zero Vision. The hydrogen double deckers will be spotted around the city for several weeks during a period of final testing along with training for drivers, with the buses expected to be in service next month. The buses are as efficient as electric equivalents, with refuelling taking less than 10 minutes and offering a greater range. Water is the only emission from the vehicles which reduces carbon emissions.

Software Spots and Fixes Hang Bugs in Seconds, Rather Than Weeks

HangFix can detect hang bugs, diagnose the problem and apply a patch that corrects the root cause. Researchers tested a prototype of HangFix against 42 real-world hang bugs in 10 commonly used cloud server applications. The bugs were drawn from a database of hang bugs that programmers discovered affecting various websites. HangFix fixed 40 of the bugs in seconds. “The remaining two bugs were identified and partially fixed, but required additional input from programmers who had relevant domain knowledge of the application.” For comparison, it took weeks or months to detect, diagnose and fix those hang bugs when they were first discovered.

Science News

Bioceramic implant induces cranial regrowth

Researchers have 3D-printed bioceramic material, attached to a titanium frame shaped like the missing part of the skull bone. For the first time, they have shown that large cranial defects can heal by means of new bone formation, without growth factors or stem cells being added. The implant has proved to stimulate regeneration of natural skull bone so that even large cranial defects can be repaired with a composition indistinguishable from natural bone in a way that has not been possible before. “We can see the skull bone growing out, not just on remaining parts of the cranium but also centrally in the defect itself.”

Chemists Create New Crystal Form of Insecticide, Boosting Its Ability to Fight Mosquitoes and Malaria

Through a simple process of heating and cooling, researchers have created a new crystal form of deltamethrin – a common insecticide used to control malaria – resulting in an insecticide that is up to 12 times more effective against mosquitoes. Epidemiological modeling suggests that using the new form in indoor spraying in place of the original form would significantly suppress malaria transmission, even in regions with high levels of insecticide resistance. Moreover, less of the new form would need to be used to achieve the same effect, potentially lowering the cost of mosquito control programs and reducing environmental exposure to the insecticide.

Business News

Singapore Airlines sells out meals on parked plane

Singapore diners have jumped at the opportunity to have lunch on a stationary Airbus A380 parked at the city’s main airport. Despite a price tag of up to $496 (£380), the first two seating dates sold out within half an hour. The airline has added two more dates, with diners signing onto a waitlist for lunch and dinner sittings. Diners will be allowed to choose a cabin class (with an economy seat starting at about $39) and watch a movie while they dine, but the planes won’t leave the ground. The airline is also offering home delivery of its meals, which also includes the airline’s tableware and amenity kits.

Disney says its ‘primary focus’ for entertainment is streaming — announces a major reorg

Disney is restructuring its media and entertainment divisions, as streaming becomes the most important facet of the company’s media business. In order to further accelerate its direct-to-consumer strategy, it would be centralizing its media businesses into a single organization that will be responsible for content distribution, ad sales and Disney+. As of August, Disney has 100 million paid subscribers across its streaming offerings, more than half of whom are subscribers to Disney+. Kareem Daniel, the former president of consumer products, games and publishing will now oversee the new media and entertainment distribution group.

Miscellaneous News

Chicken nugget launched into space to celebrate Iceland’s 50th anniversary

Supermarket giant Iceland has celebrated its 50th anniversary by sending a chicken nugget into space. The breaded snack took just under two hours to reach 110,000ft above the Earth. Having reached peak altitude, it then headed back towards Earth at 200mph, with its parachute deploying at around 62,000ft to enable a safe landing. The altitude reached was reported to be equivalent to the height of 880,000 Iceland chicken nuggets. Iceland partnered with Sent Into Space, a team of experts in the field of stratospheric exploration, to send the nugget into the atmosphere.

Machu Picchu reopens for a single tourist who’s been stranded in Peru for seven months

Jesse Katayama found his dream trip thwarted by the spread of Covid-19. But after an unexpected seven month stay in Peru, Katayama is finally crossing “visit Machu Picchu” off of his bucket list — and he got to enjoy being the only tourist there. He already had his entry ticket to enter the UNESCO World Heritage site on March 16, but that was when the Peruvian government opted to close the site. Since then, the 26-year-old Katayama, a boxing instructor, has become a local in Aguas Calientes, where he has been renting a small room for the past seven months.

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