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Technology News

Hyperion debuts hydrogen-electric supercar

Hyperion has unveiled its XP-1 hydrogen-electric supercar, marking the company’s first chapter in its long-term vision to harness electric energy with hydrogen technology. Hyperion’s striking inaugural vehicle is the culmination of nearly ten years of development, testing, and research by over 200 researchers and scientists. The XP-1 showcases an impressive 1,000-mile range on a single refuel that can be achieved in less than five minutes at public stations. The vehicle stores electric energy via fuel cell systems, providing the benefits of electric motors, without the added weight, extended charging times, battery degradation and cost probative recyclability.

Perfect Play won’t make me a pro soccer player, but it might help you

Chelsea Football Club have launched a new coaching app, Perfect Play. It was developed by the club’s own academy, which uses the platform as part of its training program. The companies claim that it’s the “most advanced football training app available”. Perfect Play combines video tutorials and augmented reality (AR) to help you set up the training exercises, coaching you on how to improve your performance. You’ll be told how to mark out the playing area which means scanning your garden with your iPhone’s AR to pick up the floor, after which you can then select the zone you’ll be using. You can then follow the AR overlay to set down markers.

Science News

When birds cry, scientists get closer to understanding human tears

New research finds that the composition of tears in birds and reptiles is actually pretty similar to that of our own, a boon to scientists hoping to understand why tears came to be evolutionary adaptations. The research showed that all tear types had similar amounts of sodium and chloride, electrolytes also found in human tears. Bird and reptiles’ electrolytes were more concentrated than humans’, while urea and protein were more concentrated in owls and sea turtles. In the future, that could help to advance human medicine, as scientists gain a better understanding of why tears — and the chemicals in them — are evolutionarily important adaptations.

Quieting the inflammation storm

In the study, acupuncture activated different signaling pathways that triggered either a pro-inflammatory or an anti-inflammatory response in animals with bacterially induced systemic inflammation. The team found three factors determined the affected response: site, intensity and timing of treatment. Where in the body the stimulation occurred, how strong it was and when the stimulation was administered yielded dramatically different effects on inflammatory markers and survival. This critical step helps define the neuroanatomical mechanisms underlying acupuncture and offers a roadmap for harnessing the approach for the treatment of inflammatory diseases.

Business News

Fatburger owner is buying Johnny Rockets for $25 million

FAT Brands, the owner of Fatburger, is buying the 1950s diner-themed chain Johnny Rockets for $25 million. More consumers, especially younger diners, are shunning meat. Johnny Rockets’ menu does include a black bean burger, but there are no trendy plant-based offerings such as those popularized by Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods. FAT Brands is “eager to take the brand to new heights.” Once the deal closes, which should be in September, FAT Brands will have more than 700 restaurant locations worldwide and total annual sales of more than $700 million. FAT Brands’ stock more than doubled in early trading on the news of the purchase.

Lenovo sails past expectations with 31% first-quarter profit jump

Lenovo, the world’s biggest PC maker, smashed expectations with a 31% leap in first-quarter net profit, as the coronavirus pandemic spurs businesses to shift to remote work and schools to switch to online learning. Consumers stuck at home are also spending more on PCs and other smart devices for entertainment purposes, the Chinese giant said. Net profit came in at $213 million for the April-June quarter, nearly double market estimate. Demand still had far more room to grow in China, where the penetration rate for PCs was still somewhere between 20% and 30% compared to that in the United States of 70%.

Miscellaneous News

Elephant baby boom in Kenya — numbers double over three decades

Kenya’s elephant population has more than doubled from 1989 to today, its wildlife service announced at an event marking World Elephant Day. Efforts to curb poaching have helped Kenya’s elephant population more than double over the past three decades. The number of elephants poached in Kenya in 2020 is down significantly from previous years — just seven so far this year, compared to 34 in 2019 and 80 in 2018. There were just 16,000 elephants in Kenya in 1989, but by 2018 that number had grown to more than 34,000.

Russia detains YouTube blogger, accuses him of breaching secrets law

A Russian YouTube blogger who makes videos of industrial sites and abandoned facilities was arrested earlier this month on a charge of illegally obtaining and disseminating state secrets. Andrei Pyzh, who runs a YouTube channel with nearly 800,000 followers, could face up to eight years in jail if found guilty. Details of criminal cases involving Russian state secrets or treason seldom come to light because authorities say they are classified. Critics say these cases are often opaque and cannot be properly scrutinised.

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