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Technology News

This Scooter Adapts to User’s Posture, Even Becomes a Wheelchair

The new product is called poimo. A new inflatable scooter that can be adapted to the body of the rider simply by taking a picture of the position he/she would like to drive in. Better yet, the inflatable device can even be transformed into a practical and comfortable wheelchair. The scooter combines soft robotics and mobility to offer people a reliable and practical mode of transportation. poimo can easily be carried onto public transportation when deflated and then set up again to complete the last few miles of a passenger’s journey that can not be reached by public means; bridging together other modes of transportation such as metros and buses.

The US Army is testing augmented reality goggles for dogs

The US Army is trialing a new technology that could “fundamentally change how military canines are deployed in the future” — a pair of augmented reality goggles for dogs. AR reality goggles could let military dogs operate at a distance without handlers losing control. The goggles have a built-in camera that transmits live footage remotely, and a heads-up display that can be used to show commands to the dogs. “AR will be used to provide dogs with commands and cues; it’s not for the dog to interact with it like a human does. This new technology offers us a critical tool to better communicate with military working dogs.”

Science News

Forearm artery reveals human evolution continues

A new study shows our species is still evolving and natural selection could be the major reason. The Median artery is the main vessel that supplies blood to the human forearm and hand, when first formed in the mother’s womb. The radial and ulnar arteries usually replace the median artery, so most adults don’t have a median artery, but increasing numbers of cases retain it, so a person can have all three arteries. “This is micro evolution in modern humans and the median artery is a perfect example of how we’re still evolving because people born more recently have a higher prevalence of this artery when compared to humans from previous generations.”

Scientists find upper limit for the speed of sound

The fastest possible speed of sound has been discovered at about 36 km per second – around twice as fast as the speed of sound in diamond. The study shows that predicting the upper limit of the speed of sound is dependent on two dimensionless fundamental constants: the fine structure constant and the proton-to-electron mass ratio. “We believe the findings of this study could have further scientific applications by helping us to find and understand limits of different properties such as viscosity and thermal conductivity relevant for high-temperature superconductivity, quark-gluon plasma and even black hole physics.”

Business News

H&M will let people convert old clothing items into new ones at Stockholm store

The Sweden-based retailer is about to start giving consumers at its Stockholm store the option to turn in used garments that it will then transform into one of three different clothing items. The garment will be cleaned and put into a machine called Looop. The machine will disassemble it, shredding it into fibers that are then used to create new clothing. For now, customers can choose one of three items to be made — a sweater, a baby blanket or a scarf — for a fee of $11 to $16. “We are looking to expand the range available as we get to know Looop better.” The entire process takes about five hours and is visible to shoppers.

IBM to split into two as it reinvents itself

The move is an attempt to shift its focus to higher-margin businesses like cloud computing and artificial intelligence. A new company focusing on legacy IT infrastructure will be named and spun off next year. It marks the latest shift by the world’s first big computing firm to diversify away from its traditional businesses. IBM, which currently has more than 352,000 workers, said it expects the separation to cost $5bn. This will encompass its “Managed Infrastructure Services” division. NewCo will have $19bn in annual revenue and will serve 75% of Fortune 100 companies when it makes its share market debut.

Miscellaneous News

North Korea unveils massive new ballistic missile in military parade

North Korea unveiled what analysts believe to be one of the world’s largest ballistic missiles at a military parade celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Workers’ Party broadcast on state-run television. Analysts said the new missile is not known to have been tested, but a bigger weapon would allow North Korea to put multiple warheads on it, increasing the threat it would pose to any targeted foe. “Our war deterrence will never be abused or used preemptively, which will contribute to protecting the sovereignty and survival of the country and pursuing regional peace.”

Japanese theme park unveils ‘life-size’ Godzilla attraction

A Japanese theme park has unveiled what it believes is the world’s first permanent “life-size” Godzilla statue. The installation on Awaji Island, off the city of Kobe, measures 23m (75ft) and offers visitors the chance to ride a zip line right into Godzilla’s mouth. The new attraction depicts a roaring Godzilla with a wide open mouth and spiky jagged teeth. It appears as though half of the beast’s body is buried underground. “We would like Godzilla fans, including those abroad, to come and appreciate the massiveness of the monster they only know of through movie screens.”

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