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Technology News

New Magnetic Tape Delivers a Record 580TB Storage Capacity

IBM and Fujifilm have teamed up to make magnetic tape even better. The new tape has a capacity of 580TB, approximately 50 times greater than the capacity of current data cartridges. It holds a world record 317 Gbpsi (gigabytes per sq inch) recording density and has been produced using a new magnetic particle called Strontium Ferrite (SrFe). “The one technology can handle that the massive growth of digital data, keep it protected from cyber crime attacks, and is archiving data for some of the largest hyperscale data centers in the world is a technology more than 60 years old — magnetic tape.”

Canoo’s multipurpose electric van looks like it’s built out of Lego

Canoo has unveiled a stylish multi-purpose delivery vehicle that’ll start at around $33,000. A promo video shows off a number of neat interior design ideas that suggest the MPDV could be very useful as a work vehicle. The driver-side door has power outlets and cup and phone holders as well as storage, while there should be plenty of space to walk around given the van’s interior height of just under 6.5 feet. Owners could opt to have an opening on one side and fold-out tables on the other, so it could be a viable way to get a food truck business off the ground. You could even go with an adventure vehicle setup.

Science News

Whether it’s 2020 or Baby Shark: Study offers clues on how to stop thinking about it

Researchers have combined novel brain imaging with machine learning techniques to offer an unprecedented window into what happens in the brain when we try to stop thinking about something. While ‘replace’ and ‘clear’ prompted the brain signature of the image to fade faster, it didn’t fade completely, leaving a shadow in the background as new thoughts were introduced. ‘Suppress,’ on the other hand, took longer to prompt forgetting but was more complete in making room for a new thought. “You can actually look at a person’s brain activity, see the pattern of the thought and then watch it fade as they remove it.”

Young people who go to bed later drink and smoke more due to their impulsivity

In the first study of its kind, researchers investigated how being an evening type (someone who prefers to stay up late and functions better in the evening) links to impulsivity, anxiety, and substance use. They found that evening types were more impulsive, preferring small immediate rewards over delayed larger ones. These young adult evening types were also more anxious and reported higher alcohol, caffeine and cigarette use compared to their peers who preferred going to bed earlier. “It may be that simple interventions to improve sleep hygiene could reduce substance use and anxiety in these young and potentially vulnerable adults.”

Business News

Lockheed Martin inks $4.4 billion deal to acquire Aerojet Rocketdyne

Lockheed Martin Corp said it has agreed to buy U.S. rocket engine manufacturer Aerojet Rocketdyne Holdings Inc for $4.4 billion, including debt and net cash. The deal is Lockheed’s biggest acquisition since Jim Taiclet took over as chief executive in June. He is seeking to beef up the company’s propulsion capabilities amid competition from new entrants such as SpaceX and Blue Origin, for space contracts with the U.S. government. “Acquiring Aerojet Rocketdyne will preserve and strengthen an essential component of the domestic defense industrial base and reduce costs for our customers and the American taxpayer.”

Coca-Cola is cutting 2,200 jobs, including more than 10% of its US workforce, as it scraps half its drinks brands

Coca-Cola is laying off 2,200 workers as part of a larger restructuring aimed at paring down its business units and brands. Around 1,200 of the layoffs will occur in the US including 500 in Atlanta, where the company is based. The pandemic has hammered Coke’s business, as sales at places like stadiums and movie theaters dried up due to lockdowns. Its revenue fell 9% year-on-year to $8.7 billion between July and September. “We’ve been challenging legacy ways of doing business and the pandemic helped us realize we could be bolder in our efforts.” Coke is reducing its brands by half to 200 havinh already shed multiple slow-selling brands this year.

Miscellaneous News

Boris Johnson to chair emergency meeting amid travel bans

The prime minister will chair a meeting of the government’s emergency committee after France closed its border with the UK for 48 hours. The move means no lorries or ferry passengers will be able to sail from the port of Dover. France said the action was necessary because of the prevalence of a new variant of coronavirus in the UK. Nations including Germany, Italy, Belgium, Turkey and Canada are suspending UK flights. The new variant has spread quickly in London and south-east England, but officials say there is no evidence that it is more deadly or would react differently to vaccines.

‘Ugliest orchid in the world’ among 2020’s new plant discoveries

The “ugliest orchid in the world”, a toadstool discovered at Heathrow airport, and a bizarre scaly shrub have topped a list of new species named by scientists in 2020. The researchers said the 156 new plants and fungi highlighted the amazing diversity of species that remain to be found, with the potential to provide new crops, medicines and gardener’s favourites. The strangest new species was a dwarf shrub with bizarre scaly leaves. DNA analysis showed the plant is part of the cabbage order, but represents a completely new family – such discoveries are rare.

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