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Technology News

Brainwave-reading temporary tattoos could take wearable tech to the next level

“We use the [standard tattoo] paper as a substrate and then print on top of it circuits made out of conductive polymer, using an inkjet printer.” The recipient sticks one or more of these adhesive tattoo electrodes onto their scalp. The tattoos can then be used to record high-quality electroencephalography (EEG) brain signals fresh off the scalp. In contrast to gel electrodes, there is no need for a liquid interface and the tattoos cannot dry out. While the tattoo electrodes are not exactly invisible, they don’t interfere with the wearer the way that a conventional EEG electrode headset might do, making them perfectly suited for longer-term measurements.

First Floating Ocean Hybrid Platform Can Generate Power From Waves, Wind And Solar

German startup Sinn Power has developed a modular maritime platform able to generate renewable energy from waves, wind and solar sources. What makes this particular platform unique is that it’s been designed to be modular and extremely easy to connect and expand, so a variety of different combinations are possible. IP68-rated electrical sensors continuously transmit data to diagnostic centers, enabling the early detection of anomalies and preventing potential failures. By analyzing power output patterns, they can easily optimize a service plan for potential customers and anticipate repairs before serious damage occurs.

Science News

Science says this super enjoyable activity can help you lose weight

According to new research, substituting prolonged sedentary time with a nap is associated with lower stress, improved mood, and a lower body mass index (BMI). The same was doubly true for those who achieved light to moderate physical activity in place of sedentary time. “Instead of staying up late watching TV, going to bed earlier and getting up at a consistent time provides multiple benefits and allows your body to recover, Sleeping is also unique in that it is time you’re not engaging in other potentially problematic behaviors, such as eating junk food while sitting in front of a screen.”

Bumblebees bite plants to make them flower early, surprising scientists

A new study reveals that bumblebees force plants to flower by making tiny incisions in their leaves – a discovery that has stunned bee scientists. Results from a series of experiments show that when pollen sources are scarce, such as in a greenhouse or during early spring, bumblebees can force plants to bloom up to a month earlier than usual; a particularly useful skill as warming temperatures worldwide are causing the pollinators to emerge before plants have bloomed. It’s also a potential boost for the human food supply: If agriculturalists can coax their crops to flower early, it could increase food production of some plants.

Business News

French carmaker Renault could close plants and cut jobs

French carmaker Renault could unveil job cuts and plants closures on Thursday as the company looks to save 2 billion euros ($2.2 billion) in costs. “This is when the general management will formalize what it calls a 2 billion (euro) cost-cutting plan, in which further staff reductions and even site closures can be expected.” The French carmaker, which last year posted its first loss in 10 years, is expected to detail a drastic three-year savings plan at the end of the week. The company has suffered declining sales in key markets even before the coronavirus pandemic hammered demand for vehicles and threw production into disarray.

Germany stamps authority on Lufthansa with $9.8 billion lifeline

Germany threw Lufthansa a 9 billion euro (8 billion pounds) lifeline, agreeing a bailout which gives Berlin a veto in the event of a hostile bid for the airline. The largest German corporate rescue since the coronavirus crisis struck will see the government get a 20% stake as it seeks to protect thousands of jobs. Germany’s central government remains a large shareholder in former state monopolies such as Deutsche Post and Deutsche Telekom. Berlin also still has a 15% holding in Commerzbank, which it took on during the global financial crisis.

Miscellaneous News

A man is facing a $7,300 fine for wrestling with a bear at a Polish zoo and breaking COVID-19 rules by not wearing a face mask

A man has been fined for animal cruelty after he jumped into a bear enclosure at a Polish zoo and wrestled with one of the animals. The 23-year-old, who is thought to have been drunk at the time, was filmed by baffled visitors to Warsaw’s zoo, which had just reopened after Poland’s coronavirus lockdown was eased. Eventually he pushes the bemused creature away before desperately scrabbling out of the water and climbing to the top of the artificial island.

Mayor in Peru plays dead to avoid arrest for breaking coronavirus lockdown

The mayor of a town in Peru allegedly pretended to have died from coronavirus and hid in a coffin in order to avoid arrest for breaking lockdown rules. The mayor of the central town of Tantara was detained for violating a curfew and social distancing rules he was meant to be enforcing. It’s unclear where the party took place or why there were open caskets close at hand. The mayor has already faced criticism from some locals, who have accused him of being absent for much of the coronavirus outbreak.

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