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Technology News

LG and ASSA ABLOY to develop transparent OLED automatic door

LG is signing a memorandum of understanding with ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems for the development of transparent OLED automatic doors. The innovative, first-of-its-kind customer experience solution will be unveiled with specialized commercial applications in mind. Its transparency means objects behind the display can be easily seen, enabling the solution to harmonize with its surroundings while providing useful information at the same time. The Transparent OLED Automatic Door will present new opportunities for greeting customers, communicating with employees and delivering advertising and marketing content unobtrusively to consumers.

‘Artificial Skin’ May One Day Make Troops Invisible, Even to Heat Sensors

A research paper out of South Korea details a new cloaking “skin” composed of bendable patches that use active heating and cooling to mimic either visible colors or thermal characteristics of the environment. They can switch from one to the other in about five seconds — allowing the wearer to camouflage themselves in the daytime and barely show up on thermal cameras at night. These patches are built up of “pixels” containing thermochromic liquid crystals that change color depending on temperature, “thus allowing the generation of a diverse number of colors by controlling temperature.

Science News

New study shows every week of lockdown increases binge drinking

Harmful drinking among adults increases the longer they spend at home in lockdown. The findings show the odds of heavy alcohol consumption among binge drinkers – those who, within two hours, consumed five or more drinks for men and four and above for women – rose an extra 19% for every week of lockdown. The odds of increased alcohol intake overall for binge drinkers was more than double that of people who did not drink excessively (60% vs 28%), especially those with depression or a history of the disease. “Increased time spent at home is a life stressor that impacts drinking and the Covid-19 pandemic may have exacerbated this stress.”

Meditation practices enhance top-down ability to control attention, study finds

An intensive meditation retreat improved controlled attention among those who had attended for five weeks. The study also found evidence that higher inflammatory activity was related to worse attentional control. Researchers observed greater attention to goal-relevant information in those who had completed five weeks of meditation training compared to the control group. Similarly, those in the control group showed improvements in attention after they completed their own meditation training. The findings indicate that “meditation retreats focused on controlled meditative practices enhance the ‘top-down’ (e.g., voluntary) ability to control your attention.”

Business News

Steve Wozniak is starting another company, 45 years after co-founding Apple with Steve Jobs

Wozniak is starting a business in the green tech and blockchain space called Efforce. Efforce is a marketplace for corporate or industrial building owners to have “green” projects funded. “Efforce allows business owners to safely register their energy upgrade project on the web and secure funding from all types of investors around the world. The companies will then have more available cash to use for other critical projects such as infrastructure or hiring.” Wozniak created Efforce “to be the first decentralized platform that allows everyone to participate and benefit financially from worldwide energy efficiency projects, and create meaningful environmental change.”

Airbnb boosts IPO price range as it looks to raise $3.09 billion

Airbnb expects to raise up to $3.09 billion in a stock market launch after boosting its price range, capping a stunning recovery in its fortunes after it was heavily damaged by the COVID-19 pandemic earlier this year. The U.S. home rental firm plans to sell 51.6 million shares at between $56 and $60 apiece it said in a regulatory filing. Its market capitalization at the top end of the range would be around $35.8 billion. The company’s stock market debut will be one of the largest and most anticipated U.S. IPOs of 2020, which has already been a bumper year for flotations. Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs are the lead underwriters for the IPO.

Miscellaneous News

A New York artist spent $65,000 buying art to support fellow artists struggling because of the pandemic

Painter Guy Stanley Philoche, a New Yorker known for his colorful textured abstract artworks, has spent more than $65,000 buying work from struggling artists affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Philoche has dedicated himself to seeking out artists from around the world who are unable to make ends meet and has so far purchased more than 150 artworks for up to $500 each. “It meant a lot to me. I want to help as many artists as possible, to make sure they are able to buy groceries, or pay their rent, or get their kids diapers or formula.”

Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Nestlé named top plastic polluters for third year in a row

The annual audit collected 346,494 pieces of plastic waste, 63% of which was marked clearly with a consumer brand. Coca-Cola was ranked the world’s No 1 plastic polluter by Break Free From Plastic in its annual audit, after its beverage bottles were the most frequently found discarded on beaches, rivers, parks and other litter sites in 51 of 55 nations surveyed. It was found to be worse than PepsiCo and Nestlé combined: Coca-Cola branding was found on 13,834 pieces of plastic, with PepsiCo branding on 5,155 and Nestlé branding on 8,633.

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