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Technology News

Xiaomi’s see-through OLED TV is a transparent attempt at attention, and it’s working

The Mi TV LUX OLED Transparent Edition is a new product announced as part of Xiaomi’s 10th anniversary celebration that is all about displaying solitary objects floating in space. This TV is able to be transparent partly due to the fact that Xiaomi put all of the guts into its circular base. But the more magical part of how it actually made a see-through OLED screen comes down to utilizing transparent OLED technology (TOLED). TOLED screens use transparent components all the way through the stack that makes up the screen, and with no need for backlighting (each diode emits its own light, hence the acronym), images can look like they’re floating.

Google Lens’ new ‘Homework’ filter will solve math problems from a photo

When it arrives, all you’ll need to do is snap a pic of your study material and then highlight an equation or a particular problem you can’t seem to solve to get quick access to step-by-step guides and detailed explainers. The idea is to make it easy to look up mathematical concepts giving you trouble, since you need to be able to understand them to be able to apply them. In addition, Google has also announced that Search now has nearly 100 STEM-related 3D objects you can explore. If you search for “Quantum mechanical model,” for instance, you’ll be able to observe a 3D atom model superimposed against your environment.

Science News

Restaurant customers frown on automatic gratuities

Automatic gratuities leave restaurant patrons with a bad taste, even when the meal and the service were excellent, new research indicates. Whether customers had a good experience or bad one, they reacted negatively when their bill came with a mandatory tip, preventing them from leaving the gratuity themselves. Surprisingly, customers with the best dining experiences expressed the most dissatisfaction with automatic gratuities. When customers lose control of the tip, “their ability to show their gratitude has been blocked. They have fewer positive feelings about the restaurant experience, and they’re less likely to eat there again.”

A chemical that encourages locusts to swarm could also help stop them

Researchers have now identified an airborne chemical called a pheromone that encourages one species of locust to swarm. In laboratory tests, gregarious locusts preferred to approach 4-vinylanisole more than they did a control substance. The locusts were drawn to sticky traps baited with the chemical and tended to ignore traps with other chemicals. The authors suggest that 4-vinylanisole traps could be used to attract locusts to a narrow area, which could then be sprayed with insecticide in a more targeted way. Alternatively, it might be possible to devise a chemical that blocks the 4-vinylanisole receptors, stopping locusts swarming in the first place.

Business News

Goldman Sachs, Barclays among bidders for GM’s credit card business

Goldman Sachs is looking to buy General Motors credit card unit as it looks to double down on its consumer banking arm, an area CEO David Solomon has been aggressively looking to strengthen. Barclays is also among a small number of bidders for the automaker’s credit card business, which has about $3 billion in outstanding balances. In their pitches to GM, Goldman and Barclays have pushed the idea of cars as e-commerce portals. GM’s cars are equipped with in-dash e-commerce technology, allowing drivers to order food, find fuel or reserve hotel rooms by tapping icons on the dashboard screen, instead of using smartphones while driving.

Facebook financial formed to pursue company’s payments plans

Facebook unveiled a new group to pursue payments and commerce opportunities and put David Marcus, co-creator of its Libra cryptocurrency project, in charge of the initiative. Called F2 internally, the team will run all payments projects, including Facebook Pay, the company’s universal payments feature that it plans to build inside all of its apps. This is the latest step in a company wide effort to bring Facebook’s individual products and apps closer together. The belief is that if users can make purchases on Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp, then Facebook’s advertising will grow more valuable, and users will spend more time inside the company’s apps.

Miscellaneous News

Store Manager Lists World’s Last BLOCKBUSTER on Airbnb for Local Residents

The world’s last BLOCKBUSTER store manager Sandi Harding, who has kept the Bend, Oregon, establishment running since 2004 will be listing the store on Airbnb. This end of summer sleepover will offer movie lovers the chance for a 90s-themed stay to relive the bygone Friday night tradition just as we remember it. Starting August 17, residents can book one of the three individual, one-night reservations. While a movie rental will cost you $3.99, for just a penny more you can book one of these stays for $4 (plus taxes and fees) for an unlimited movie marathon.

Arecibo radio telescope damaged by cable break

One of the auxiliary cables that helps support a metal platform in place above the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico, broke causing a 100-foot-long gash on the telescope’s reflector dish. Operations at the UCF-managed observatory are stopped until repairs can be made. It is not yet clear what caused the cable to break. The facility, which is home to one of the most powerful telescopes on the planet, is used by scientists around the world to conduct research in the areas of atmospheric sciences, planetary sciences, radio astronomy and radar astronomy.

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