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Technology News

Researchers 3D print biomedical parts with supersonic speed

A Cornell-led collaboration has developed a 3D printing technique that creates cellular metallic materials by smashing together powder particles at supersonic speed. This form of technology, known as “cold spray,” results in mechanically robust, porous structures that are 40% stronger than similar materials made with conventional manufacturing processes. The particles are between 45 and 106 microns in diameter and travel at roughly 600 meters per second, faster than the speed of sound. When launched at this rate, the particles created a more porous structure, which is ideal for biomedical applications, such as artificial joints for the knee or hip, and cranial/facial implants.

Power-free system harnesses evaporation to keep items cool

Inspired by camel fur, a new two-layered material could provide extended cooling to preserve the freshness of perishable goods. The bottom layer, substituting for sweat glands, consists of hydrogel, a gelatin-like substance that consists mostly of water, contained in a sponge-like matrix from which the water can easily evaporate. This is then covered with an upper layer of aerogel, playing the part of fur by keeping out the external heat while allowing the vapor to pass through. Such packaging materials could provide constant protection of perishable foods or drugs all the way from the farm or factory, through the distribution chain, and all the way to the consumer.

Science News

Sleep loss hijacks brain’s activity during learning

A new study shows that getting only half a night’s sleep hijacks the brain’s ability to unlearn fear-related memories. We found that among the three groups, those who had only gotten half a night’s sleep showed the most activity in brain regions associated with fear and the least activity in areas associated with control of emotion.” Surprisingly, people who got no sleep lacked the brain activation in fear-related areas during fear conditioning and extinction. During the extinction recall 12 hours later, their brain activity looked more similar to those with normal sleep, suggesting that a limited night of sleep may be worse than none at all.

A viable vaccine for tough tumors

A new, best-of-both-worlds approach packages the cancer-killing power of chemotherapy and the long-term efficacy of immunotherapy into a biomaterial-based cancer vaccine that can be injected adjacent to a tumor site. When mice with aggressive triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) were given the vaccine, 100% of them survived a subsequent injection of cancer cells without relapsing. “In our system, the immunotherapy attracts numerous immune cells to the tumor while the chemotherapy produces a large number of dead cancer cell fragments that the immune cells can pick up and use to generate an effective tumor-specific response.”

Business News

Alibaba smashed last year’s Singles Day record with over $74 billion in sales amid worries over the pandemic

Alibaba’s Singles Day sales reportedly surpassed $74 billion, nearly double the previous record. Singles Day on November 11 is a Chinese shopping holiday started by online retailer Alibaba to celebrate single people, in opposition to Valentine’s Day. Sales each year surpass Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined, making it the world’s single largest shopping event. Executive vice chairman Joe Tsai said that the Chinese economy has bounced back to pre-pandemic levels, pointing to the 17% growth year over year of ecommerce in China. More than 250,000 brands and 800 million consumers participated in the world’s largest shopping event.

Honda says will be first to mass produce level 3 autonomous cars

Honda has said it will be the world’s first automaker to mass produce level 3 autonomous cars that will allow drivers to let their vehicles navigate congested expressway traffic. “Honda is planning to launch sales of a Honda Legend equipped with the newly approved automated driving equipment” before the end of March 2021. Japan’s government earlier awarded a safety certification to Honda’s autonomous “Traffic Jam Pilot”, which legally allow drivers to take their eyes off the road. Level 2 cars, which are currently on public roads, can control their own speed and steering, but must have an alert driver able to take control at all times.

Miscellaneous News

One arrest leads to discovery of global online paedophile network

The arrest of one alleged child sex offender on the Central Coast in February led to the discovery of a further 13 suspects and 46 victims across the country as police uncovered what is believed to be an extensive online paedophile network used to share photos and videos of child abuse. The operation, led by the Australian Federal Police, has seen 12 men arrested and two ordered to face court. The AFP described the operation – which has also triggered 146 tip-offs to authorities in North America, Asia and Europe – as one of Australia’s most significant efforts targeting child exploitation.

Rolls Royce plans 16 mini-nuclear plants for UK

It says the project will create 6,000 new jobs in the Midlands and the North of England over the next five years. The prime minister is understood to be poised to announce at least £200m for the project as part of a long-delayed green plan for economic recovery. The government says new nuclear is essential if the UK is to meet its target of reaching net zero emissions by 2050 – where any carbon released is balanced out by an equivalent amount absorbed from the atmosphere. Rolls argues that as well as producing low-carbon electricity, the concept could become a new export industry.

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