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Technology News

Tesla will develop a new 12-seater electric van for Boring Company airport tunnel

A Southern California airport connector project will work with Elon Musk’s The Boring Company to build a high-speed underground tunnel and a new Tesla vehicle is reportedly part of the plan. The proposal is for a 2.8 mile-long tunnel that would move riders at 127 mph in electric vehicles. A county supervisor said that the new system would work with Musk’s electric car company Tesla to develop 12-seater electric vans. The projected $60 million project is expected to carry 1,200 people per day to the airport and back. The electric vans come after The Boring Company originally envisioned special vehicles for its high-speed tunnel system.

Engineers put tens of thousands of artificial brain synapses on a single chip

MIT engineers have designed a “brain-on-a-chip,” smaller than a piece of confetti, that is made from tens of thousands of artificial brain synapses known as memristors — silicon-based components that mimic the information-transmitting synapses in the human brain. The chip was able to “remember” stored images and reproduce them many times over, in versions that were crisper and cleaner compared with existing memristor designs. Their results demonstrate a promising new memristor design for neuromorphic devices — electronics that are based on a new type of circuit that processes information in a way that mimics the brain’s neural architecture.

Science News

Scientists grow a human ear with new, skin-crawling 3D printing method

Using new 3D bioprinting techniques, biomaterial scientists and tissue engineers from China, the U.S. and Belgium have discovered how to non-invasively grow body parts and organs underneath living skin. By injecting bioink cells, the additive material used in 3D bioprinting, under the skin and using near-infrared light to penetrate the tissue and transfer customizable building designs — like an ear – to newly injected cells. The ear began to form in just 20 seconds on the skin of the mouse and maintained its shape for at least a month. They hope that a non-invasive approach would allow surgeons to avoid unnecessary and potentially dangerous reconstructive surgeries.

MIT startup wraps food in silk for better shelf life

Preparing for a lab-wide cooking competition whose one requirement was to incorporate silk into each dish, Marelli accidentally left a silk-dipped strawberry on his bench: “I came back almost one week later, and the strawberries that were coated were still edible.” The company’s technology sees broad impact on extending the shelf life of whole and cut produce, meats, fish, and other foods. Cambridge Crops utilizes a proprietary and efficient process using only water and salt to isolate and reform the silk’s natural protein. This makes the silk coatings easy to integrate into existing food-processing lines without the need for costly new equipment or modifications.

Business News

Volkswagen replaces Herbert Diess as CEO of the VW brand

Volkswagen replaced Herbert Diess as chief executive of the VW brand and installed chief operating officer Ralf Brandstaetter to lead cost cutting efforts at the company’s largest plants in Germany. Volkswagen said Brandstaetter would take over on July 1 to give Diess, who remains group chief executive, more leeway to run the rest of the company, which includes brands such as Audi, Bentley, Skoda, Lamborghini and Porsche. The savings are designed to help pay for a 34 billion euro (29.89 billion pounds) investment in electric and autonomous cars and 50 billion euros for EV battery procurement.

BP to cut 10,000 jobs as virus hits demand for oil

BP has announced plans to cut 10,000 jobs following a global slump in demand for oil because of the coronavirus crisis. The oil giant had paused redundancies during the peak of the pandemic but told staff that around 15% will leave by the end of the year. BP has not said how many jobs will be lost in the UK but it is thought the figure could be close to 2,000. “We are spending much, much more than we make – I am talking millions of dollars, every day.” Countries across the globe have ordered people to stay indoors and not travel. As a result, the cost of oil fell to less than $20 a barrel at the peak of the crisis, less than a third of the $66 it cost at the start of the year.

Miscellaneous News

Citroën’s tiny Ami electric car can be driven by 14-year olds for $22 a month

The Ami is absolutely tiny at just 2.41 meters (7 feet, 11 inches) long, and is technically classed as a “light quadricycle”, which means it can be driven by teenagers as young as 14-years old in France and 16-years old in the rest of Europe. Citroën will sell the car outright, but it also hopes to rent them out like electric scooters and other micro-mobility solutions. Citroën says the cars will be available to rent on both a monthly and minute-by-minute basis. If you want one to own it can be yours for €6,000.

US Military Could Lose Space Force Trademark to Netflix Series

The United States Space Force was only announced two years ago and has yet to engage in any military operations, but the latest branch of the U.S. armed forces already stands to lose its first battle — to Netflix’s Space Force. The military branch was officially established as a formal organization last December. Netflix, meanwhile, greenlit the 10-episode series in January 2019. Because of the common moniker, the United States Space Force’s first battle might be a trademark war — fought in court, rather than in space.

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