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Technology News

Sony Launches Wearable Air Conditioner, Personal Heater for Roughly $130

Announced in 2019, Sony has begun sales of its wearable, pocket-sized air conditioner — called Reon Pocket — which also works as a heater during the winter. Sony’s Reon Pocket is activated and controlled via a smartphone app, with the device itself using thermoelectric cooling. The Reon Pocket can reportedly cool the wearer’s body by 13 degrees Celsius, and raise body temperature by roughly 8 degrees Celsius. The new wearable supports Android and iOS functionality, and features a battery life of 90 minutes, with a 2-hour charge time. Visually it appears like an apple mouse, weighs just 85 grams (roughly 3 ounces), and uses USB-C.

New H.266 codec uses half the data to stream 4K video

Fraunhofer has unveiled a new video encoding standard that could severely reduce streaming bottlenecks. Called H.266/Versatile Video Coding (VVC), it’s specifically designed for 4K and 8K streaming and reduces data requirements by around 50 percent compared to H.265 HEVC (high-efficiency video coding). At the same time, the improved compression won’t compromise visual quality. The company developed the codec in collaboration with partners including Apple, Ericsson, Intel, Huawei, Microsoft, Qualcomm and Sony. VVC could allow a stark reduction in traffic from services like Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and Netflix.

Science News

Soy and wheat proteins helpful for building aging muscles, but not as potent as animal protein

On a gram for gram basis, animal proteins are more effective than plant proteins in supporting the maintenance of skeletal muscle mass with advancing age. Simply transitioning from an animal-based protein diet to a plant-based diet will likely be detrimental to muscle health during ageing. A more balanced and less extreme approach to changing dietary behavior, meaning eating both animal and plant-based proteins, is best. This research to date has only compared two plant-based protein sources, namely soy and wheat. The researchers in this field will be conducting further research on other promising plant proteins such as oat, quinoa and maize.

AI-powered 3D anatomical models help surgeons tackle the post-lockdown backlog

Innersight3D is an AI powered surgery planning software tool that creates interactive 3D anatomy models from existing CT and MRI scans. The models help surgeons to gain a complete picture of the patient’s anatomy before surgery and allows them to perform safer, high-precision procedures with reduced risk of complications. Innersight3D removes the guesswork surgeons sometimes face navigating complex vascular systems, and can also provide patients with a better understanding of their health, allowing them to visualise exactly how the tumour is impacting them.

Business News

Uber launches grocery delivery in Latin America, Canada with U.S. to follow

Uber Technologies further expanded delivery offerings, launching an app-based grocery service in several Latin American and Canadian cities. The company’s latest foray into the delivery space is in partnership with Cornershop, a Chilean online grocery provider that Uber has held a majority stake in since October. In Canada, groceries can be ordered from large chains Walmart and Metro. Uber said it had some 9,500 active merchants, with grocery-convenience orders increasing by more than 176% since February. At the same time, Uber’s Eats has seen growing demand during the pandemic, with second-quarter food delivery orders up more than 100%.

Samsung says profit jumped 23%, likely thanks to strong chip demand

Samsung predicts its profit jumped more than 20% last quarter, suggesting that the company has managed to withstand the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic. The South Korean conglomerate said that it expects to make an operating profit of roughly $6.8 billion for the three months that ended in June. That’s up nearly 23% from the same period a year ago. The company has been enjoying a boost to its memory chip business thanks to Covid-19. Millions of people around the world continue to work, play games and watch movies from home, leading to strong chip demand from data centers.

Miscellaneous News

London-born twins face deportation to different countries

Twins who were born in London and have never left the UK face deportation to different countries in the Caribbean where they have no close relatives, their families have told the Guardian. Darrell Roberts has been issued with a deportation notice to the Dominican Republic even though he has no connection with the country. He believes officials named it in error; his father was born on Dominica, another Caribbean island. His twin brother, Darren Roberts, has been warned he faces deportation to Grenada – the country where his mother was born.

South Africa luxury hotel invites guests to sleep on a train permanently parked on a bridge

Now under construction in South Africa, this unique luxury resort sits partially on the historic Selati Bridge over the Sabie River in stunning Kruger National Park. As the name implies, a newly refurbished train featuring 24 carriage rooms will be permanently stationed on the bridge’s disused tracks. The glass-walled, large train rooms, all of which overlook the river, feature decor created in collaboration with local artists, while there’s also a separate dining area and swimming pool — also on the bridge.

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