YouTube chapters 🔖, second brain causes Parkinson’s 🧠 and Starbucks to accelerate in China ☕!


YouTube’s new chapters experiment makes listening to game soundtracks even better

YouTube is currently experimenting with adding chapters to “a small selection” of videos on Android, iOS, and desktop devices. Instead of finding and clicking on hyperlinked timestamps and song titles in the video description, this new feature incorporates that metadata right into the red progress bar built within the video player. Perhaps this is a step toward making YouTube’s vast trove of videos, specifically music-focused, easier to play track-by-track on YouTube Music.

UPS, CVS Use Drones to Deliver Prescriptions to Florida Retirement Community

UPS and CVS are flying their drones to Florida, where the country’s largest retirement community will soon receive prescription medicine deliveries via Matternet’s M2 UAV. UPS last fall received government approval to run a drone airline: The shipping company can fly pilotless aerial vehicles beyond human operators’ visual line of sight—day or night. Two months later, UPSFF successfully completed its first medical deliveries in North Carolina.


Parkinson’s discovery implicates “second brain” in the gut

Scientists have investigated cellular behaviour in the nervous system of the digestive system revealing possible tell-tale signs at the earliest stages of the disease. They analysed brain tissue taken from both healthy subjects and sufferers of Parkinson’s, taken at different stages of the disease. This revealed alterations in enteric neurons, “even at the earliest stages of disease progression. We found that enteric neurons seem to play an important role in the disorder, supporting the hypothesis that Parkinson’s disease starts in the gut.”

Study finds a counterintuitive effect wealth has on health

Scientists found that while wealth can improve mental health it does not always improve cardiometabolic health. Cardiometabolic health relates to one’s chance of developing diabetes, heart disease, or stroke. This paper adds to growing evidence that there are unique stressors on people who “buck the odds” and improve their financial status. This suggests upward mobility doesn’t always improve cardiometabolic health, even if it improves economic standing and mental health. These results suggest that workplaces and universities need to be mindful of this complicated cause-and-effect.


Starbucks China Partners with Sequoia Capital China to Accelerate the Pace of Retail Innovation

Starbucks announced a strategic partnership with leading investment firm, Sequoia Capital China to tap into China’s growing technology landscape. Through the partnership, Starbucks will make strategic co-investments with Sequoia Capital China, and commercial partnerships with next-generation food and retail technology companies to propel Starbucks digital innovation in China. The partnership marks Starbucks latest move in its long-term commitment to growing the coffee and retail industry in China, one of its two lead growth markets alongside the U.S.

British Airways plans to make up to 12,000 staff redundant

British Airways has set out plans to make up to 12,000 of its staff redundant because of the global collapse in air travel in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. The airline’s chief executive, Alex Cruz, told BA’s 42,000 staff on Tuesday night that the company “must act decisively now to ensure that British Airways has a strong future” and that means more than one in four jobs must be cut. Cruz said the UK’s flag carrier airline, which has placed 22,600 people on the government’s furlough scheme, “cannot expect the taxpayer to offset salaries indefinitely”.


Pentagon officially releases UFO videos

The Pentagon has officially released three short videos showing “unidentified aerial phenomena”. The videos show what appear to be unidentified flying objects rapidly moving while recorded by infrared cameras. Two of the videos contain service members reacting in awe at how quickly the objects are moving. One voice speculates that it could be a drone. “These aircraft — we’ll call them aircraft — are displaying characteristics that are not currently within the US inventory nor in any foreign inventory that we are aware of.”

Woman wakes up in body bag after being pronounced dead by doctor

A Paraguay mother miraculously sprang back to life in a body bag after being pronounced dead by doctors earlier that day. Her treating physician, mistakenly declared the 46-year-old woman dead of cervical cancer, and handed a death certificate to her husband and daughter. Undertakers transported what they presumed to be Duarte’s cadaver to Duarte e Hijos funeral home, whereupon they noticed the body moving inside the bag. The “resurrected” patient was rushed to intensive care, where she is currently in“delicate but stable” condition.

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