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Technology News

YouTube is adding a new Shorts feature to rival TikTok and Instagram Reels

YouTube is getting in on the short-form video craze with its new format, which it calls Shorts. The new feature will be a rival for Chinese app TikTok and Instagram Reels. Designed as a “new short-form video experience right on YouTube for creators and artists who want to shoot short, catchy videos” with their phones, Shorts will be capped at a maximum of 15 seconds per clip. Music can be added to the clips, with YouTube providing tools to edit multiple video clips together, as well as speed controls, timer and countdown options for recording hands-free. The new format will be available on Android phones in India “over the next few days.”

Fitbit gets FDA clearance for its Sense smartwatch and ECG app

Fitbit’s Sense smartwatch just earned clearance from the FDA (and the EU’s regulatory body) for its electrocardiogram (ECG) app. When the “advanced health” wearable arrives this October, it will be able to assess heart rhythms for atrial fibrillation, or AFib. A study used to evaluate Fitbit’s algorithm found that it could detect 98.7 percent of AFib cases. Fitbit says the AFib-detecting Sense smartwatch is part of its larger commitment to heart health innovation. Sense also comes with “the world’s first” electrodermal activity (EDA) sensor, which will help users manage stress and measure on-wrist skin temperature.

Science News

How the brain creates the experience of time

Scientists found that there are time-sensitive neurons that fire in response to a specific length of time. When exposed to repeated stimuli lasting the same amount of time, these time-sensitive neurons can get worn out. Meanwhile, other neurons continue to operate normally, creating an imbalance that ultimately, skews the perception of time. If someone is shown the same five-second video 50 times, they may have trouble estimating a subsequent clip, even if it is much longer or shorter. “Don’t trust your sense of time, especially after you were exposed to stimuli with a constant interval that can lead to neural fatigue of time-sensitive neurons in your brain.”

SMART Researchers Develop Fast and Efficient Method to Produce Red Blood Cells

Researchers have discovered a new way to manufacture human red blood cells (RBCs) that cuts the culture time by half compared to existing methods and uses novel sorting and purification methods that are faster, more precise and less costly. SMART’s researchers have designed an optimised intermediary cryogenic storage protocol that reduces the cell culture time to 11 days post-thaw, eliminating the need for continuous 23-day blood manufacturing. On testing the purified RBCs, they were found to retain their cellular functionality, as demonstrated by high malaria parasite infectivity which requires highly pure and healthy cells for infection.

Business News

At Amazon’s new ‘Luxury Stores,’ you can’t buy anything unless you’re invited

Amazon is launching high-end fashion luxury stores — but if you want to buy anything, chances are you’ll need to get in line. The “Luxury Stores” program as a “store within a store” experience currently available to only select Amazon Prime members in the US. You can shop only if you’re invited, and while you can request an invitation, there’s already a wait list. Amazon partnered with the Oscar de la Renta brand for its launch, giving Luxury Store shoppers early access to the late designer’s pre-fall and fall/winter 2020 collections, which arecurrently only available at the fashion house’s own boutiques and website.

Daimler to pay $2.2 billion in diesel emissions cheating settlements

Daimler AG will pay $2.2 billion to resolve a U.S. government diesel emissions cheating investigation and claims from 250,000 U.S. vehicle owners. Daimler agreed to pay owners up to $3,290 each to get polluting vehicles repaired and agreed not to oppose paying $83.4 million in attorneys fees and expenses for the owners’ lawyers. The Justice Department said Daimler failed to disclose at least 16 auxiliary emissions control devices, the government alleged, allowing “vehicles to perform in a variety of consumer-desirable ways, including allowing for fewer (diesel exhaust fluid) tank refills (and) better fuel mileage.”

Miscellaneous News

Dutch develop ‘living’ coffin made of mushroom mycelium

Designers are claiming a world first with a funeral in which the deceased person was buried in a moss-filled coffin made of mycelium: the underground fungal network of mushrooms. A body composts depends on various conditions but it can take over a decade. The mycelium coffin will be able to complete this entire process in two to three years, because it actively contributes to the composting process. The waste products from the human body are converted into nutrients but the quality of the surrounding soil is also improved, giving it new life and an opportunity to thrive.

Centenarians top 80,000 for first time in rapidly aging Japan

The number of people aged 100 or older in Japan has surpassed 80,000 for the first time amid the rapid aging of the country’s population. The number of centenarians rose 9,176 from the previous year to 80,450 for the 50th consecutive annual increase, with women accounting for 88.2 percent of the total. Japan’s average life expectancy was 87.45 for women and 81.41 for men in 2019, both record highs. Kane Tanaka, a 117-year-old resident of Fukuoka, is the oldest Japanese woman. She has been recognized as the oldest living person in the world by Guinness World Records.

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