February 2021 – Unshakeable: Your Guide to Financial Freedom – Tony Robbins

A #1 New York Times bestselling author, Tony Robbins is back with a continuation of his financial freedom play book, ‘Money: Master the Game’. This book promises to deliver the specific steps required to protect your investments whilst maximising your wealth by giving you the knowledge and tools needed to weather the storms of the market.

Robbins has put together an action plan for anyone interested in investing and financial planning. Built on a wealth of experience, the lessons and principles discussed in Unshakeable are drawn from some of the biggest names in the trading world such as Warren Buffet and Ray Dalia!

When it comes to financial education, the technical jargon that comes with it can often be overwhelming. Robbins has distilled the essence of key principles and concepts for ordinary readers to feel like pros by the end of the book. From knowing how to find the right advisor and where to invest your money, to getting the right mindset for sustainable results, Unshakeable covers a host of topics to ensure you are covered from start to finish.

What I found extremely valuable was the use of examples and case studies to help visualise the theory with real numbers. Being able to see how compound interest can create huge wealth and how a small percentage increase in your fees and taxes can rob years off of your financial future helps to drive the message home and keep it locked into your memory!

One key thing to bear in mind with this book is that it is primarily based on the American financial market. This means that readers from elsewhere in the world may not find all of the information useful or relatable. Regardless, there is still a wealth of information that can be extracted from this book but one to be mindful of that some of the concepts and terminologies are specific to a particular geography.

Overall, a great read for anyone looking to learn more about financial planning and wealth management. From gotcha’s to the keys of a successful mindset, this book has something for everyone. What’s more, proceeds of the book will be donated to ‘Feed America’ – Grab your copy now!


8 / 10

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